Tuul Rafting


No rafting experience required and no special fitness. Just swimming capabilities. Life vests, dry sacks etc. supplied.

Shishgid Kayaking


Ultimate flexibility to design a custom trip. The possibilities for river running in Northern Mongolia are plentiful and diverse in character and every trip will be an adventure!. Raft down world-class fishing rivers day after day, or go to a forgotten corner of the world on a kayak self support exploratory in the land of shamans and reindeer herders. ...

Bulgan Kayaking


Launch on pristine Mongolian rivers and float through isolated canyons which boast the most spectacular scenery Central Asia has to offer. Our 16-day itineraries offer true adventure through beautiful landscapes rich in cultural heritage and promise exciting whitewater opportunities in the Mongolian outback. Our four expedition itineraries extend over the course of the summer to catch optimal water ...

Tavan Bogd-Camels, Kayaks, Rivers and Rafts


Go deep into the Altai Mountains to a remote corner of the world where the borders of Mongolia, Russia, and China all meet. Be the first to raft or kayak first descents of the Tsagaan Gol (White River)!

Khangai Nuruu – Heart of Mongolia


Journey across the rolling steppes to the Orkhon Gol Valley, the historical power center of long vanished Central Asian civilizations. Stroll around ruins of Kara Korum, the site where Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khaan) established the Mongol Empire’s capital city in 1220. Upstream, the magical canyons and waterfalls of the upper Orkhon Gol (class IV) await kayakers; mellower stretches of river (class ...