Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

The Explore ALTAI will be the leading industry organization promoting Western Mongolia and specially Altai Mountain Range as a top visitor destination, communicating and promoting the Mongolian tourism industry as one of the country’s major economic forces, and will be the respected voice of the industry for the growth of the industry, while remaining attentive to care for the environment, recognition of cultures and Mongolia’s unique quality of life.

Mission Statement
As we strive to attain our vision for the Mongolia visitor industry, Explore ALTAI will undertake the following Mission:
• To be the best travel management company in Mongolia.
• To provide quality, value added services for our clients.
• To deliver professional service in a personalized and localized manner.
• To maintain the philosophy of CQI - Continuous Quality Improvement.
• To maintain an environment where our employees can excel personally and share in the success Explore ALTAI.

Philosophies and Values

• Clients will always be our number one priority. They are our sole reason for existence.
Explore ALTAI will remain as a client-driven and market-driven company, providing value added services supported by advanced technology.
• All employees are valued team members and team leaders. They are our most valued resource.
Explore ALTAI will remain a culture of team work and camaraderie, free of bureaucracy and inter-company politics.
Explore ALTAI will enjoy our association and realize the rewards of our success.